About the Group

The San Diego Professional Writer’s Group began in 1962 as an extension of a Hoover High School creative writing course. The founding member, Chet Cunningham and a few other writers wanted to continue meeting after the class finished. Thus the group was formed.

The San Diego Professional Writer’s Group is an in person critique group that meets the first and third Monday’s of every month. Our meetings run from 7 pm till about 10 pm and take place at one of the member’s houses. Participants are encouraged to bring snacks to munch on after the meeting.

Each meeting starts with the writers going around and sharing any important projects or events as they relate to writing. Usually we’ll critique three writers each session, though this may go to four it there’s time. The writers will sign up for a reading spot either in an earlier meeting, or via email.

Each reader will bring one copy of his or her work to read out loud. The typical length is from 2500 to 3000 words (about 8 or 9 pages). The reader reads his or her work while the other members take notes. Then each member takes turns critiquing the writing. The author is expected to remain silent until all members have critiqued. Published writing doesn’t have the author there to defend him or herself.


4 Responses to About the Group

  1. Tim, you’ve been holding out on me. This looks interesting, so I subscribed. Peace.

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  3. I know you, Chet. I think I had taken a class with you back in the stone age, maybe in the seventies. If only you met at a place of my convenience, rather than moving it around. I am without wheels, and use public transport, so one bus, taking ten minutes to arrive, is in my dreams. This is just a note to let you know my problem. I live in Hillcrest.

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