Luck Favors the Persistent

by Tim Kane

Anyone can write a story or two. Most people can struggle through one novel. But, it’s the long haul that leads to success. Here are some tips to pushing through that extra mile and make sure you keep writing.

Set Aside a Writing Time
Make this something you can accomplish. Shorter and more frequent times are better than one-offs. Decide when you work best. Is it mornings? Evenings?

Just like with a musical instrument, the more you practice your writing, the better you’ll get at it. I recall that as a teenager, I tried every sort of musical instrument (guitar, bass, flute, saxophone). Yet I never practices. Ergo, I never improved. When I finally took piano lessons, and most importantly practiced everyday, I was able to play some basic songs. Think of writing like your exercise routine, and you’ll see results.

Be Patient
Writing success doesn’t happen overnight. When I started with screenwriting, I had dreams of striking it big in just a few months. It took over a year to land my first job. Likewise, I wrote plenty of articles for years before I found a check in the mail.

Get Feedback
No man (or woman) is an island. Find other professional writers to critique your work. Preferably not those whom you have any sort of romantic attachments. You need honest feedback, not pandering. I only improved my writing by joining a professional writing group.

Now get out there and write.

About Tim Kane

Tim Kane is a writer of fiction.
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