Link Your Way to Book Promotion

Every writer wants a simple way to promote. After all, if we were tremendous marketers, we probably would be selling cars rather than writing. I know that I prefer to churn out plot and characters over marketing. Give me a cliffhanger any day over promoting.

One easy way to boost your exposure and discoverability is through links. It takes only a bit of effort at the start and the benefits can be huge.

Have books on Amazon? Put a link back to your blog or website. You want to funnel traffic toward you.

If you have any friends who publish on Amazon, consider trading links. You can post a link to her page and she can post a link to yours. You might get more curious hits that way. I’d recommend only doing this with two or three other writers. Try to pick those that are in a similar genre.

Social Media
You don’t have to be a Twitter fanatic or a Facebook fiend, but you do need a presence on these platforms. Make a profile and for God sakes put a link to your website or blog. Make it easy for people to find you.

Rather that spew spam about all those books you have to sell, tweet about some interesting blog posts you have. Perhaps you can write some posts related to your book. That way, when folks click the link, they are one step closer to buying your book. They’re interested at least. Then, on your blog, you’ve got a link to some of your books.

If you blog, then pin images from your blog onto Pinterest. That way, when folks click over to check them out, they’re already at your site. Don’t make all your pins self serving. That would be obscene.

Most of these only take moments to accomplish. Your goal is to create a net of links, all pointing back to you. That way everyone can find you.

Tim Kane


About Tim Kane

Tim Kane is a young adult fiction writer.
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2 Responses to Link Your Way to Book Promotion

  1. As always, thanks for being short, sweet, and very practical. I never fail to come away with something useful. I’ll add my own thought–I now tweet every blog post I read that I think is worth reading. Speadking of which…

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