Make Writing Your Number One Priority

We’re all guilty. Work piles up. Real work. The kind of stuff that pays the bills or keeps the house running. We feel guilty about taking time to travel into fiction land to write. So we say: “I’ll get the other chores done first, and then I’ll write.”

Trouble is, by the time you finish your unending list of tasks (if you finish at all), you’re exhausted. You plop down at the keyboard, but you’re in no shape to create. Mostly you’ll stare at the screen and grow frustrated and depressed because you’re not writing anything. Then you give up.

You have to reverse this my friends. No matter how hectic your schedule is, writing has to come first. I don’t mean the first thing when you wake up. Pick your time, but then stick to it.

“But I’m swamped with things to do.” Yes, but you’ll always be overloaded. If you need to worm a little more space into your schedule, then cut out TV or Internet for a while. I’ll bet that would free up a good chunk. Not willing to give up those pleasures? Then check your writing badge at the door. The life ain’t for you.

Limit your writing time. Yes, you heard me. Write for only an hour or two. It’s far better to leave your writing just when you’re revving up because then you’ll be excited about jumping on the manuscript horse the next night. Plus, you be able to tackle that list of chores you need to do and not feel guilty that you abandoned them.

For example, I just finished my writing session and now writing this blog is chore number one. Then a whole laundry list of other to-do’s clutter up my night. I’ll get to as many as I can. At least I’ll know that my creative side, the part that brings me joy, has been sated for the evening.

Write on!

Tim Kane

About Tim Kane

Tim Kane is a writer of fiction.
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8 Responses to Make Writing Your Number One Priority

  1. yellowjac says:

    Last night just had to go at it, chore do become hard when all we want to do is start pushing buttons along making a story come it’s a small break from the board to get things done. it’s becoming hard to just stop and get what has to be done,,done and over with sometimes but we have to eat sometimes also..Thank’s for the input. Will

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  3. Sticks her tongue out, places her right thumb on her nose and waves her fingers in rebellion. Baa! Bad Tim chastising his friends again! LOL.

  4. I had, HAD, to find a balance, so now I write 1k worth of words then do housework for 30 min and keep doing that. To be honest, my place hasn’t looked this good in years. 😛 Just don’t tell Husband I don’t mind it.

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