Agents Advocate Simultaneous Submissions

This is the every present question on author’s minds: Exclusive query or simultaneous submissions. Most of us worry enough about this that we either go totally exclusive or skip the query all together.

My first experience with how most agents feel was last year. An agent requested a full manuscript. Then the interesting part: she insisted that I send the manuscript out to other agents.

Recently, I attended the SDSU Writer’s Conference, I had the opportunity to sit next to an agent at lunch. I asked her about simultaneous versus exclusive submissions. She thought that any agent that asked for an exclusive wasn’t in the author’s best interest.

The advice I have gleaned is this: send out your query in batches. Keep track of the response times. Then send them out again. If you want to give one agent an exclusive, make it for a full manuscript request, and make it for two weeks. If an agent offers, the polite thing to do is to notify any other agents involved. Give them one week to respond or counter-offer.

Now query with confidence.

Tim Kane


About Tim Kane

Tim Kane is a young adult fiction writer.
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3 Responses to Agents Advocate Simultaneous Submissions

  1. Agreed. Never, ever limit your options.

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